more better,


more convinience,


in workplace.



Enjoy today.

For example, Constructer air controll instrument Tool, door set.

Make a industry automation funiture.

Make a Middle Heavy Constructer device throught electronics.

Use this device POLLUTION EXTINCT.

Make a senser device Check pollution, close room, Check device.

Make a senser-trans-data device like a alraming.

Make a Belt, Wellet, Doll.

Use fabric, leather. Sweing machine, hand making. Make a small Handicraft.

Make a small Accessory.

Badge, perfume, small toy. hand makeing.

Make a cloths. T-shirt, pants.

design and make.

Make a small Pakage, food ingredients.

cut a vegetables pakage, add seasoning and Pakaging, this use cook.

NOODLES pakage.

make a pizza doux, noodle, macarena.

Small fish menufacture.

Maked a produts and store.

Holding, and Check a store.

go to Post Office. Use Truck.

products on Truck and Routine car drive. Need drive license.

Some customer wants fast delivery.

so use truck, car. and go to the customer.

MAP image: ROOM A-1

Room A-1, Maps Announce.

A : Machine (tag-RA1)

B : Assembly task.

C : Machine (tag-RA2)

D : Store parts, Store hand tool