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Information technology, tessting on the web(

2017 Used this web site, for test. By person.

View this website admin's write(log file)--writing ended.

View this website admin's write(log file)

another WebSite,

* Latest Log 2017/10/26 - My Comment (LOG writting.)

Before date error, 2017/12/25 log, 2017/12/28 log. -> I change date, 2016/12/25, 2016/12/28. So, I change before date.Before, I don't know my mistake, latest, I founded date wrong. So, Today I change, wrong date. That refix possible reason, I watching, my twitts,

Today, I use twitter. And some, feeling good condition, so I possible, this work. Thank you. Thank you, watching my website.

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