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Information technology, tessting on the web(

2017 Used this web site, for test. By person.

View this website admin's write(log file)--writing ended.

View this website admin's write(log file)

another WebSite,

* Latest Log 2018-01-01 My Comment (LOG writting.)

*2018-01-05 :

I don't understand, may be stress, github on writting license. and headache, today, so make some git, privating. My opinion, public share information, for better work place, but some hard way, feeling. Need rest to myself. Thank you, your watch out.

*2018-01-04 :

1., Website Side link, anchor, upside down change.

2. ver21, page name 'working' on.

Thank you, watching.

*2018/01/01 : Happy new year. and I make vue.js, renewal website, diary work. and this, language, Korean. vuejs, Diarly Work System, Korean language. Thank you.

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